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Reminder Marine Biology Camps on 27th July - Greystones Beach from 5-6.30pm. Please wear old clothes and arrive 10 mins early if possible. Meeting point - Greystones South Beach car park, Mill Road, Greystones.

See you there!
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❤️ You cannot put a limit on a child... ... See MoreSee Less

“I’m being led by the hand by my child, not the other way around.” - Jaco has autism. His dad, Richard worries about how he’ll fit into the adult world. (via BBC Stories)

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Juliana Watson shared a Jamie Oliver #madebydyslexia to Triple A Wicklow's Timeline. ... See MoreSee Less

We are so excited to share our Jamie Oliver #madebydyslexia interview with you. Happy watching...and please share!

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Hi everyone - could I ask for help? I work in a language school in Bray, and we would love to have someone give us a professional development talk about how to work with people with special needs who come to the school - most specificaly people on the Spectrum and with ADHD and dyslexia.

Obviously we're getting more aware of our students with special needs but no one's had any training and it can be difficult to help the other students work around their needs or differences (not everyone is mature - we often see a lot of eye rolling and reluctance to work with particular students, for example), and tbh not all teachers know how to modify/accomodate/differenciate etc.

My director hasn't been able to find anyone who can help - would you know of an appropriate person who could come give a talk? It needs to be focused on the English language classroom rather than the more general topic of special needs, iykwIm.
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